About Us

Green Elephant Toys is a thriving independent specialty toy store located in the heart of hisoric Ipswich, Massachusetts. Known for its early homes, scenic marshes and the spectacular Cranes Beach, Ipswich serves as a lively home for the store, originally established in 1992.


The store is owned by Connie McCrane and David Schylling who purchased the store (formerly Fun Among Us) in 2009. Fun Among Us became legendary for fun and inspiring toys over the course of the 17 years that it was owned and operated by Elizabeth Reeve. Many of our current customers and staff grew up with "Fungamungus" toys and share many happy memories of visiting the store as children. Some may recall the brief time in the fall of 2009 when the store went by the name of Greenheads, the unofficial Town Bug of Ipswich, a choice that, while some shared our off-beat sense of humor, was met with mixed reaction from our youngest customers. The iconic elephant now brings only smiles to the local beach babies.


David and Connie have entrusted the care and keeping of this happy little business to store managers Chris Carroll and Shannon Kirkland.


Chris and Shannon are familiar faces around town and both are lifelong Ipswich residents. Some have noted the enthusiastic and cheerful attitude they bring to the toy shop stems from the love of play and adventure that both seem unwilling to abandon anytime soon.